Carol Hearty ZipFlat Bags

Zygo ZipFlat Bag Sizes

Top L Tote, $345/ 22" x 14",Top R Size Cute, $120 9 x 6   Cntr Medium $275 14" x 9"

Bottom Lg Squared $325/17" x 8", small $125/11" x 6 Woodgrain Leather

Summer Brights

Quad Colors; Orange, Turquoise, Pink, Pale Green

Means a different colorway on each side.

Handpainted Woodgrain Leather

Any of the sizes in ivory paint on black leather, or the brown woodgrain on black leather

New England Woodsy Retro

I started with the enamelled 70's belt buckles. I stained the leather belt to look like bark. Then did landscape ZipFlats too!

Leaping Leathers

A rush of gorgeous multicolor details sweep across the ZipFlat bags

Hnad Bag ZipFlat

The leather glove is a perfect pocket for Mad Money or theater tickets.

Carol Hearty ZipFlat Bags

Post Industrial Metallics

Woven Gun Metal details and Bronze Industrial imagery- in medium soft leathers.

Multi Color Fun OPEN

These colors are seasonless and go with everything

Multi Color CLOSED

Each side has a different colorway showing for greater versatility

Butterfly or Ladybug?

Wings bag as a backpack or folds in half to a shoulderbag. $285

The Interesting Dog

You and your dog can have discerning high fashion taste together. "ColorStream" leash

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